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J. Scott Morris jstmorris at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 23 17:24:28 MDT 2016

I first registered on the Healey List sometime in late 1998.  Over the years there has been a number of quiet periods.  Sometimes it has been technical with theinternet at large [During week of Oct 16, 2016 a major part of the internet wasactually hacked ] or problems with our host. At other times some knowledgeable people [ I miss Rich Chrysler] have either passed on or movedon to other interests.  Then of course thereis the fact of competingforms of communications.
In themain, I have really enjoyed the Healey List and plan on remaining amember.  It is amazing what you can findout and pass on to others.  Of coursethere are always a few members that I simply must use the ‘delete’ buttonon.  But that exists in any group. --ScottMorris   -Keep Smiling, Murphy Lives 
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