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With respect, I think that's a little harsh. I've been on the list for a lot more than 10 years, and it goes through these quiet periods from time to time.There are still some very knowledgeable experienced people who are quick to help with explanations, photos and even phone calls.I only finished my car this year (will it ever REALLY be finished?) and I've found the list valuable right up to the finishing touches.
I do miss some of the old hands that have either moved on or passed on, but I think the knowledge base is still being added to.
My two cents.
Stephen, BJ8

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I suspect many listers left the list, as the quality of this information source went so much down over the past months and years. This list was a phantastic pool of wisdom about 10 years ago, but nowadays most comming through is very low level to my mind.
Sorry, I am also very close to say good bye as its more wearing what I read than refreshing.Just my opinion, but also the one of several Healey experts I know and who already left or just staying quiet and are no more active. Josef EckertKonigswinter/Germany
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