[Healeys] Confusing fuel starvation--BJ8

warthodson at aol.com warthodson at aol.com
Tue Oct 18 08:20:01 MDT 2016

You indicated that you have an intermittent problem which appears to be a fuel delivery issue to the front carb. 
You need to check/test/inspect the following:
Is the fuel flow to the front carb unobstructed for any reason? Some SU carbs have a fine screen filter in the inlet to the carb (before float bowl). Is it there & is it restricted?
Are all the carb heat shields in place? 
Is the front float floating or is it partially submerged in fuel. You mentioned that it was a "composite" material.   
Is the float & needle (float) valve correctly adjusted to maintain the proper fuel level in the bowl?
is the float needle valve working freely & correctly?
Are both of the carbs correctly adjusted rich/lean & synchronized? 
Does the choke completely release (disengage) when the knob is pushed to the off position on the dash. 
Are there any modifications to the car that might affect the fuel delivery/ignition that you haven't mentioned? 

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