[Healeys] Confusing fuel starvation--BJ8

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Oct 17 07:50:39 MDT 2016

What is an 'acc' and how does one flip it? 


Thought I had found why I was getting fuel starvation. I would be driving along and the engine wanten to die---flip the acc and pull the choke and it wold fire up again---did this over and over to nurse the car home. 

Since the fuel pup was operating as it should, I figured it must be in a carb. 

Took the tops off the fuel bowl. Rea was full of gas-----front only 1/2 way up. 

Looked at the Grose jet and it seemed to be sticking===pulled it cleaned it----and broke the tip off. 

Had another original jet so installed it---thought that was it. 

Started it up and same symptoms. 

What next?? Anyn ideas? 


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