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Hi Tom, The rivets used for the bonnet buffers are split rivets. This excerpt from the Concours Guidelines explains how they should be installed: 

Copper-plated split rivets, inserted from the inboard side, with a small steel washer under the head, secure the buffers. The rivet penetrates only the inboard half of the buffer and the shroud lip; the outboard half of the buffer conceals the spread legs of the rivet. The outboard portion of the buffer (the portion of the buffer that the rivet does not penetrate) is 1/8” shorter in height than the inboard portion. 

Michael S

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I need to replace the rubber bonnet bumpers on my BJ8.  From the Moss catalog, I see the following parts:


*	031-359, rubber buffer
*	325-765, rivet
*	325-770, copper washer

How do you rivet the rubber buffer to the shroud?   Is this a pop-rivet, or some other kind of rivet?  I have a pop-rivet gun, do I need another tool?





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