[Healeys] Fuel pump flustered

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Sun Oct 9 07:04:01 MDT 2016

Speaking of the next issue------------my BJ8 has a brand new fuel pump installed and everything was going perfectly---then a few weeks ago I started getting fuel starvation (at times).  I'd blip the throttle and yank out the choke and it would run normal again ---for a while.  Then start sputtering and coughing---and I'd repeat the process.

I changed the in-line fuel filter and moved it to before the fuel pump and even added another filter just before going into the carbs.  I even opened the fuel bowls and checked to see if debris was in there.  Didn't see anything. 

The fuel pump seems to have its' normal click frequency.  I thought all this would have solved it----nope--it is back.

Years ago I pulled the sock filter off the intake line as it was clogging up and causing a similiar problem.



 Hello all and thanks for all the replies on this.  It has been a bit exasperating.

After extensive investigation I installed a new pump - problem solved.  I suppose there was something internal going on with the pump like maybe cracked diaphragm or some probs with the one way valves.  Well now to sit back and wait on the next issue . . . . . .... 

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