[Healeys] HD8 Carb leaking

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My first guess would be the carb diaphragm is leaking.  There has been
recent discussion about this problem at the British Car Forum:

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You know the good feeling, when you turn the key and the fuel pump is
clicking to fill the carburetors.

But some days ago, when testing some electrical stuff, I had a smell of gas
in the garage. No, it's not the float chamber. There is no gas coming out
the overflow tube and the fuel pump stops its work. But when I inspected the
carbs I saw some wet sparkling a the bottom of the front carb. Not much, no
dripping, but enough to cause a smell of gas in the engine compartment. When
the car is hot, you cannot see it, the gas is evaporating.

I took the attached photo to show what I mean. Where should I begin to find
out what causes the leak?

Thanks in advance.


1964 BJ8 MK III

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