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Both the BN.4s I have owned have had the tall style tube nut with small
wings on the side for the front post attached to the sidescreen and the rear
has a large dome style nut with a single wing as part of the nut that bolted
to the stud fixed to the inner door face. Did I have rare Australian
delivered spec. 100/6s????

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The front side curtain bracket uses the same wing nut that is used to retain
the rear side curtain bracket. Moss #805-110
Interestingly, I can find the wing nut in the Moss online catalog, but Moss
says (2) are required. I think it should say (4) are required. Also, the
wing nut is not shown with the side curtains in their online catalog. Only
with the door accessories.
Gary Hodson
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The post of the front side curtain bracket on a BT7 is threaded. I can't see
that it takes a nut, so why is it threaded? Or does it take a nut? Thanks.


Charlie Schott


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