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Hi Alan
Great till they go wrong and cost 10x the amount of a cable system.
My Range Rover sport lost the end from one of the motor driven cables and this then pulled the cable in locking up the motor. Impossible to then drive! A garage would just change the motor/ cable assembly costing ?500 for parts and then have to strip and set up both sides. So 3 times the price with labour.
I googled the issue (same system on jags etc) and it is possible (after a couple of hours! Upside down under the car!) to free up the motor shaft. Then it took a couple more hours to strip brakes and setup. Try searching all the issues!
So no thanks, most owners would prefer the 'old system'!
Regards Andy

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All -

My BJ8 (and also my Jag Mk IX) both have rear disc brakes.

I was wondering if anyone has ever thought to install electronic parking brakes on their cars?  Anyone with experience/thoughts?

I just got a Tesla BJ-S and I have to say I really like the electronic e-brake it has.



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