[Healeys] Early Two Piece Dash

Mike MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Thu May 5 11:56:51 MDT 2016

Wow! I wonder if any of the other original cars have this detail.  It 
sure helps me to install mine.  Once again, Michael to the rescue.  So, 
now I will have to cut off the inside edge at the attachment points and 
over the steering wheel and also make the seam right at the top above 
the turn signal indicator.  The collective knowledge of the list is amazing.

Mike MacLean

56 BN2, 60 AN5

On 5/5/2016 5:34 AM, Michael Salter wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> There was a black plastic strip between the 2 dash sections.  As far 
> as I am aware it was similar to, if not the same as, that used between 
> the bumper overriders and the blade.
> On my early car I'm confident that the strip was original but oddly 
> one side ( the inside) had been cut off as can be seen in the attached 
> pic.
> I installed the same material as the overriders and found that until I 
> cut one side off it was virtually impossible to produce the sharp 
> curve that is required above the steering column so I suspect that is 
> why this was done.
> Michael S
> BN1 #174
> On May 5, 2016 4:48 AM, "Michael MacLean" <rrengineer.mike at att.net 
> <mailto:rrengineer.mike at att.net>> wrote:
>     I have an early two piece dash for my BN2. I guess it's just to
>     start conversations at Healey meets.  I can hear it now, "hey,
>     BN2s didn't have a two piece dash!".
>     Well my question is what was used between the instrument pod and
>     the dash panel, or was anything at all used.  I have been told it
>     was just screwed directly to the dash panel and I have also heard
>     it had a plastic/vinyl protective strip kind of like the stuff
>     that goes between the bumper and the overriders.  I have looked in
>     Austin Healey 100 in Detail and Roger Moments restoration guide. 
>     They both say what car s had the two piece dash, but go into no
>     detail.  Anyone have one of these really early cars can tell me
>     before I mar the paint on the dash panel?
>     Mike MacLean
>     56 BN2
>     60 AN5
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