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Stephen, the terminal screw faces the front.  This puts the float into the well of the tank.



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My fuel sender and gauge always worked well before my restoration, but now that I'm up and running I've had some problems.

First of all it was reading 1/4 tank when I knew it was empty- my friend Laurie suggested it may be rotated 180 degrees - I tried this and it seemed to fix the problem..read empty and when I put in a little fuel it read 1/4...thought it was fixed.


However, a day or two later I turned the key and the gauge read 1/2...and now reads above 1/2- strange huh?


What I'd like to know is which way the sender should face, so at least I'm starting from the correct position.

Terminal with brass screw facing the front or the back of the car?



Stephen, BJ8

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