[Healeys] California Healey Week - Healey Sightings

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As president of the GGAHC I can assure you that our club had a marvelous time. Mike Scroggie, president of the host club (So CAL) put on the greatest event. Each year they do something better. It will be interesting to see what they do to top this! The only down sides were that all the historic names in the park were changed and there were too many tourists due to the falls being at their peak. (We have a saying here in Tahoe,"Why do they call it tourist season if we aren't aloud to shot them.") It would have been nice to see 95 Healeys all traveling together but we were only able to travel in smaller groups.
If you ever get the chance to attend their Healey Week, just do it.
Rich Kahn

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> No mention on the List about California Healey Week, so here goes...
> We saw 95+ Healeys at Yosemite earlier this month, every color, all 
> pristine.
> Yosemite National Park is in the central portion of California, 1150 
> square miles, elevations 4000' to 9900', spectacular vistas and waterfalls.
> Healeys all over the place, 40 from the San Francisco Bay Area, 40 from 
> the Los Angeles area, and the rest from Southern California, Arizona and 
> New Mexico.
> All of us self-proclaimed experts were there, telling each other how 
> good everyone's cars looked.
> It was hot, but we all got home I think.  We found that the temp gauge 
> CAN go above 230F and the car will keep running.
> Happy to see many BN1's, BN2's in attendance.
> Lou
> BN1
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