[Healeys] California Healey Week - Healey Sightings

Lou G lgalper1 at cox.net
Tue Jun 28 00:58:05 MDT 2016

No mention on the List about California Healey Week, so here goes...
We saw 95+ Healeys at Yosemite earlier this month, every color, all 
Yosemite National Park is in the central portion of California, 1150 
square miles, elevations 4000' to 9900', spectacular vistas and waterfalls.
Healeys all over the place, 40 from the San Francisco Bay Area, 40 from 
the Los Angeles area, and the rest from Southern California, Arizona and 
New Mexico.
All of us self-proclaimed experts were there, telling each other how 
good everyone's cars looked.
It was hot, but we all got home I think.  We found that the temp gauge 
CAN go above 230F and the car will keep running.
Happy to see many BN1's, BN2's in attendance.


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