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Thanks Peter,


As you will have seen in my reply to Sarah, we know the car and its owner.
He was my late brother-in-law.

What I want to establish with 100% certainty is that the registration plates
did come off that Jaguar.

We have been trying to find family correspondence to confirm the number, but
so far have drawn a blank.

We have a photos of it unloaded off the ship in Wellington, but they are
side views and the plates cannot be seen.


I thought the car may have originally been registered in Cheshire, but
south-west London makes more sense as that is where he lived at the time.


Thanks for your constructive help.





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I don't really understand the question. Are you looking to identify the car?

the owner? or what? or perhaps, as Sarah has implied, the general area of


FWIW in the UK the licence plate in effect uniquely identifies the vehicle

the records of the vehicle licencing authority at the time (presently DVLA).

does not carry ownership information which is kept private within DVLA

Of course we know the identity of some owners of special cars (eg DD300) but

that isn't unambiguous - see discussions on these pages over many years.


Therefore there is only a slim chance that your plate's owner(s) can be


The London County Council was the umbrella council for the whole of the

metropolitan area up to the mid '60s when it was replaced by the Grater

Council. According to





GT corresponds to a South West London issue (not necessarily where the owner


My guess is that the letters were issued as and when they were needed, not

any particular timescale, as they were from '63 on when the coding system

changed. It is quite possible that they were issued either randomly or, more

probably, on a first-come first-served basis.


Strictly all that can be said is that the registration was issued between

1953 and later '62. Since the Mk1 was produced between 1952 and 1959 we can

narrow this down a bit, to 1953 - 1959, probably later in the run. Bear in

too that cars weren't always registered as soon as they were built.


Hope that this helps,


Peter Dzwig


On 23/06/2016 19:43, S. Carr wrote:

> According to the list in my 1952 ed. of the _RAC Guide & Handbook_, marks

> in "GT" were issued by the London County Council - but that's all I can

> you.  (Apparently, when they ran out of numbers to use with the 2-letter

> an initial letter was added; anybody know when they got to letter "D"?)


> Sarah  Carr

> BN1 in PA (USA)


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> I have a set of plates that were on a Mk1 Jaguar imported to New Zealand
in the sixties.


> The number is 600 DGT

> I believe it may have been issued in the greater London area around 1958.

> Can any of you British listers help me identify it?


> Cheers 

> Mark Donaldson

> Ardmore

> NZ


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