[Healeys] British registration number plate

S. Carr britfan1 at epix.net
Thu Jun 23 12:43:22 MDT 2016

According to the list in my 1952 ed. of the RAC Guide & Handbook, marks ending in “GT” were issued by the London County Council – but that’s all I can tell you.  (Apparently, when they ran out of numbers to use with the 2-letter prefix, an initial letter was added; anybody know when they got to letter “D”?)

Sarah  Carr
BN1 in PA (USA)

From: Mark Donaldson 
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Subject: [Healeys] British registration number plate

I have a set of plates that were on a Mk1 Jaguar imported to New Zealand in the sixties.

The number is 600 DGT

I believe it may have been issued in the greater London area around 1958.


Can any of you British listers help me identify it?



Mark Donaldson


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