[Healeys] Steering Box

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Mon Jun 20 08:47:04 MDT 2016

I wonder if someone can point me to a good description of adjusting the end play or "end float" in the steering box.I don't find the manual's - "add or subtract shims as necessary to obtain the correct adjustment" very helpful.I had thought I had pretty minimal end play when I had the box on the bench (a few years back now), but on the road I find I need to take some of the play out.So- do more shims ad or decrease the end play? It's not immediately obvious to me. Also, I wonder if it's better to keep the arm attached while doing this to actually see if there is play under load.
I'm sorry if this seems like a dumb question - I had no trouble getting the shims right on the wheel bearings, but this one's got me a bit confused.Thanks,Stephen, BJ8
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