[Healeys] Radiator ducting color - BJ8

Jonas Payne jpaynepbr at cox.net
Sat Jun 18 15:54:00 MDT 2016

What color is the radiator "duct" supposed to be?

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting Services, LLC
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bought a bunch of healey parts the other day from a past club member.
before i put them on ebay i want to be sure listers have first crack at
these.  i have four knockoffs in good condition, 12tpi; one seat rail clean
with all studs;  two new bj8 brake cylinders in the box;  one cast grill air
intake (moss 870-120) rechromed; two generator pulleys, one has AFC291
stamped on the back.  there are two unused radiator hose sets, one door seal
set (moss 680-928). one generator fan (539- 080); four new hub nuts for bj8
(031-294) and three for 100 (311-300).  there is on good sprite headlight
rim and one good sprite hubcap.  also two wood pieces that fit on
convertible side with the aluminum piece that holds the seal for big healey.

if interested in any of this stuff let me know and we can negotiate a price.
no reasonable offer refused. 
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