[Healeys] BN-1 brake master

Wayne Schultz waschu2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 08:30:41 MDT 2016


                   Helping my friend with his Healey BN-1. We have 
installed front disc brakes along with other work to have it ready for 
Summer driving. I  pulled the brake master because it was leaking from 
both ends and the drum brakes would drag.  Turns out the master cylinder 
is an original part that had been sleeved in brass. The bleed washer is 
totally flat with none of the original bumps left.  We bought a new TRW 
brake master and a rebuild kit from AH Spares. The rebuild kit does not 
have the bleed washer or the crush gasket for the end nut so I don't 
have what I need to rebuild the original cylinder.  I am aware of the 
past  TRW cylinder problems. Are people still having problems with TRW 
brake masters for the Healey 100 before I install ours?   Last question, 
does anyone know of a source for a full rebuild kit with the bleed 
washer and crush washer for the BN-1 brake master?

             Wayne Schultz

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