[Healeys] On the road

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Sun Jun 12 22:14:19 MDT 2016

Congratulations, Stephen.  I am sure there are always details to tweak
but it is great to see your car on the road.

I hope to get there this year, too with our BN1 which has not been on
the road since 1964.  (In San Diego where we live 'this year' includes
December 31st.)

BN1 724

On Sun, 12 Jun 2016 22:02:11 +0000 (UTC), you wrote:

>Well, I've still got some details to fuss with, but for all intents and purposes after a number of years my BJ8 is back on the road.I had a great run today, and I'm feeling very positive about the whole project once more.I had a funny hesitant feeling at higher revs under power, but a new fuel filter seems to have fixed that.I never had the original air cleaners, but I'm definitely going to have replace my old after market pancakes...K&N's, or repro originals?Anyway, thanks for all the support- there are bound to be more questions,
>Regards, Stephen, BJ8

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