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Just a stab in the dark here. On your float chambers, just above the cover you have a serrated fiber washer between the cover and the overflow pipe, is it there or could it have been mixed up with the aluminum washer. It is imperative that the serrated washer be at that specific location or your car will run for a while and then stall.


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idle is up to 1100 RPM
mixture has been leaned and richened,.,,,
we have basically rebuilt or replaced everything except a new distributor. Pulling the choke cable out a bit, keeps it from dying. (This should indicate a lean misture, but that has been checked). It idles fine for awhile, then slowly drops off and dies

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Revs, eh?  I had a similar problem with our BJ7.  My best guess is
that heat is leaning out the mixture or changing the throttle opening.
Have you tried just raising the idle a couple of hundred revs (or
toms)?  Maybe richen the idle mixture a bit?


On Mon, 6 Jun 2016 19:28:03 -0700, you wrote:

>Car runs great cold. When up to temp the car idles fine at a red light.
>After a while the toms start to drop. Then it dies.
>Prof. Rebuilt carbs. Cleaned and greased distributor . New points, cond.
>New coil, plugs and wires.  I also replaced the fuel pump and filter. Choke
>cables are new and greased.
>Mr. Ira Erbs
>1959 Austin Healey 100-6
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>my misspellings

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