[Healeys] Oil pressure gauge response

Stephen Hutchings s.hutchings at rogers.com
Wed Aug 31 13:47:43 MDT 2016

Again, thanks to everyone who replied to the BJ8 oil pressure survey- interesting variety of responses.My oil pressure figures fall well within the acceptable figures, but what I'm wondering about is the time it takes for the needle on the gauge to come up.
I haven't actually timed this, but mine seems to take an uncomfortable length of time to come up on a cold start. Could this just be air in the line delaying the response of the gauge- the pressure relief valve...ideas?Whenever I change the oil filter it's full, so I don't think it's the filter filling up. I understand that this is a vague question until I've actually timed it, but I wondered if anyone else had had the same concern.Thanks,
Stephen, BJ8
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