[Healeys] top frames

Mike phoenix722 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 29 12:07:44 MDT 2016

Thanks to all for the advice on connecting the top on my BJ8. It's 
better now.  Also thanks for the advice on improving my vision.  I took 
Rod Shepherd's advice and drilled new holes in the seat back to increase 
the angle.  Makes a difference.  Not only lowers my line of sight so I 
don't look thru the windscreen chrome, but also improves my comfort.  Of 
course, it called for a 21/64 drill bit, which I don't have, but used a 
5/16 and then a tapered reamer to enlarge it a tad.  Reamer required a 
brace and bit tool, which I have, amazingly.  Never throw away a tool 
because you don't need it!


MGTD (long gone)
BN1 (long gone)
BN2-100M (gone but in good hands)

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