[Healeys] Disk brake conversion

Ross rvmaylor at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 29 09:47:11 MDT 2016


I have installed a front disk brake conversion on my 58 BN6. The brake kit
was supplied with the uprated calipers, which use the larger BJ8 pads
(vendor description).

The system was bled and the pedal firm. Initial drives indicate very little
front brake support. 

The next recommended move was to replace the rear drum brake wheel
cylinders, from 1” to 5/8”. That was done with no recognizable improvement.

The next move is to switch out the master cylinder from ¾”  to 5/8” as per
the non-servo disk brake BN7.

In this case should the push rod length be changed as well to get increased
fluid into the front disks? 

Or is a proportioning valve a better way to go?



Ross Maylor

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