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The angle drive can be easily repaired. You need to remove one or both disks, the big one I believe. Then replace the broken cable with a short piece of speedo cable and square up the ends; only one end if you start with a square end.


John Spaur

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Hello Tim,

Good to hear you enjoyed the Black Forest event as we did and had a safe journey home.


You are right, the the washer is fitted between the adapter and the gearbox and not not between the cable and the adapter. These "aftermarket" adapters are prone to fail.


Best wishes,

Josef Eckert






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Hi Team

On the way back from the excellent Healey Event in the Black Forest the Speedometer on my BJ8 stopped working.


On my return I have verified that it is the Adapter that failed, not the cable or the Speedometer.


I have obtained a new Adapter from AH Spares and both at time of purchase and in the part fitting instructions I was told that it is vital that I fit the Washer that comes with it.


I assumed that I would find a washer with the old one and know exactly which end of the Adapter to fit it. But I did not. The fitting diagram that comes with the part is useless as it is back to front and very unclear.


>From the Workshop manual I believe that the Washer is fitted between the Adapter and the Gearbox, not between the Cable and the Adapter.


I shall be most grateful if your wisdom will confirm if I am right.


Many thanks




Tim Ward

Warwick House

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