[Healeys] top frames

Mike phoenix722 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 27 17:45:42 MDT 2016

Thanks, Bill.  I was hoping for something easy, as usual.  I am able to 
get it together, but it takes a lot of effort.  I don't like to drive it 
with the top up, anyway, as the vision is terrible.  I do have a mirror 
on both fenders, which helps, but don't feel comfortable with the top 
up.  I'm too tall for LBCs, anyway.  I can't put the seat all the way 
back and still work the clutch properly, and so I stick up with my eyes 
level with the top of the windscreen.  Wish the seatback would recline 
further.  Complain, complain!  My third AH, you would think I like them.


On 8/27/2016 4:30 PM, insidedim at aol.com wrote:
> Hey Mike,
> The only easy adjustment is the bolts at the latch that you describe. 
>  Have you run out of threads?
> The convertible top frame is bolted to the body just behind the seats 
> with 3 bolts on each side.  You could eke out a little adjustment by 
> loosening the 3 bolts and move the entire top frame forward a tad if 
> it will go.
> Another point of adjustment is the windscreen itself which can be 
> moved forward or backward a little and even tilted a bit.  Too much 
> adjustment here and your windscreen could hit the chrome vent window 
>  on the door glass frame.  Follow the windscreen frame down into the 
> door jamb and you'll see 2 bolts there.
> A third way is to undo the vinyl at the rear where it's attached by 
> little spring clips.  This will involve removing the entire seat back 
> assembly from the deck to get to the u shaped metal that is screwed to 
> the rain gutter.  Not a fun job.
> A 4th way is to remove the hidem strip across the front of the top 
> where the front wood bow is attached to the aluminum piece that rests 
> on the top of the windscreen, then loosen the vinyl and move it back a 
> tad.
> Be forewarned that any or all of these adjustments can get you into a 
> lot of hot water if not done incrementally and with a lot of 
> forethought.  Ask me how I know!
> Bill
> BJ8
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> While we're on the subject, my BJ8 top is extremely hard to latch onto 
> the windscreen.  Is there an adjustment other than the little bolts at 
> the latch?
> Mike
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