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Thanks Michael. I think you are right.
The pieces I have fit on the side of the frame but the ones I need look like they should fit on the front of the frame.
This has been a bear to assemble and I am still futzing with the different pieces on the front crossmember.

Richard C

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I notice that no one has responded to your enquiry Richard.
I'm going from memory here but as I recall the 2 seater 6 cylinder cars have a somewhat different top clamp to all the other 6 cyl cars.
The clamp attachment to the top frame has a bracket with a screw on either side of the clamp pivot rather than both screws being off to one side.
Also the top bar of the windshield frame is different with one style having a lip protruding forward over which the aluminum strip on the front of the top frame clips. The aluminium strip obviously is different as well.
I can't remember which style is for the BN and which is for the BT cars but I'm sure someone will chip in.
Michael S
BN1 #174

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Can someone tell me or send me a photo of their tie down locks going from the soft top frame of a BN7 to the windshield. I bought the apparently proper pair from Moss awhile ago and even after shortening the J hook it is still far too long to hold the soft top to the window frame. They may be correct for some soft top frames and definite fit on my top frame. I am fairly certain my frame is correct but not so certain re the window frame. so, I am wondering of there are different clasps for different 2 seaters...

Richard C

BN7 #440

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Are theses frames interchangeable?

MY car had the frame with the bent legs, but I just got one with straight legs. I can't locate my bent leg frame. So, can I use the straight one? I am fitting a new, but already complete top I bought.

Thanks, Happy New Years to all.


Ira Erbs


1959 BN4 100-6

with BT7 engine and disk brakes.

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