[Healeys] frog eye question

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US $9,000? That's, like, a quarter million in Canadian dollars, right? 



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Apparently not a trader as his ebay activity is not much. 32 positive feedback in a few years time is not very much, but it may indicate he is not some kind of dealer. There is no neutral or negative feedback. This sounds like a genuine seller. 
The records are kept by ebay indefinitely. Mine go back 15 years. 
Kees Oudesluijs 

Op 24-8-2016 om 16:00 schreef John Davidson: 

I see 1 positive feedback a year ago. Doesn’t eBay only retain the latest feedback for a limited amount of time? 

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Zero percent positive feedback in sixteen years??? 

I would fly to Manitoba before I sent him a cent. I haven't looked at the car yet to evaluate it. ‎Too many Healeys offered for sale that the seller didn't own, etc. If it's Too good to be true maybe it just isn't true. 


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