[Healeys] Swapping overdrive drain plugs

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Sun Aug 21 06:01:51 MDT 2016

One for the more erudite gurus......

I have never been a great admirer of the so-called "2nd type" of overdrive
drain plug. You know the thing....big flat notched brass plug which replaced
the similar sized (+/-) brass plug with a hex on the bottom for eas(ier)
removal. And, yes, I've got the various tools to make the job bearable.

So.......if one looks at the parts book pages, attached, you'll see that
we're swapping the left hand plug for the right hand plug.

I have bought the necessary extra bits ..71, 72,73, 74 and 62 which, in the
"2nd type" lacks the threaded hole into which one screws 72.

I find that, when I get my socket in there in order to swap the unthreaded
62 for the threaded version, it is blocked by the pair of parts 63 & 64.


if I undo 63 & 64, will - in the normal Tom & Jerry fashion - half the
overdrive land in my drip tray as a zillion little springs burst out and
cavort around the workshop floor???

Or, seems unlikely, will the assembly remain together and permit the

It looks like one of those areas where one needs to tread with caution.
Being too gungho here could be a disaster in terms of time and effort.
.......I always expect the worst and am seldom let down in my expectations!!



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