[Healeys] Oilite(?) pilot (spigot) bushing

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Bob, I don't recall seeing "dark spots" on the bushings -- several of which I've replaced before -- but maybe I just didn't pay attention to them.  I changed the bushing in my BJ8 about 1-1/2 years ago (from Moss) and put it in hot engine oil and let it cool in the oil for 24 hours before installation.  It couldn't hurt to do that, anyway. 


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I'm getting ready to do an engine rebuild and replace the clutch on my BJ8.  Bought a new pilot/spigot bush from Moss, but I seem to recall the ones I've seen before had small dark spots that I assumed were from the oil that is impregnated  into the bronze.  The new one appears to be just bronze; are these (still) 'Olilite' bushings?  If so, are they supposed to be soaked in oil before installation?





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