[Healeys] electric fan for 3000???

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Aug 5 01:56:19 MDT 2016

Revotec should have a bespoke set for your car. Just check their 
website: www.revotec.com/acatalog/Austin-Healey-Tailormade-Cooling-Kits.html
There are other manufacturers as well: Ebay or Google.
If it is getting hot idling or in stop and go traffic only, go for a 
thermostatically controlled electric fan. Choose the switching 
temperatures according to the opening temperature of the thermostat, 
switching off temp should be 5-10°C above the opening temp of the 
thermostat, if it is lower the fan will run almost continuously, 
switching on temp can be as high as 100°C but usually something like 
95°C is choosen. There are thousands of different thermoswitches to 
choose from.
In normal operating conditions the engine temp should be  slightly above 
the opening temp of the thermostat
If it is getting hot at speed or normal driving check if the thermostat 
is working and of the OE sleeve variety,  check the ignition timing and 
mixture settings as these are often a cause for overheating.
However check your cooling system first. Clean out your cooling system 
using one of the propriety flush agents and fill up with proper coolant 
(NOT red/purple but green/blue stuff). Make sure you radiator is clean 
inside and out. If the radiator is partially blocked internally have it 
rebuild with a core with extra cooling capacity.
Kees Oudesluijs

Op 5-8-2016 om 1:38 schreef randy dickson:
> Fellow Healeyoids,  My 1963 BJ7 is getting very hot this summer.  I 
> currently have a Texas cooler and need something more.  What kind of 
> electric fan will work? Name and part number.  I would like a thermos 
> controlled fan. Thanks!
> Randy
> 1963 BJ7
> 1960 BT7
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