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Simon, the Seal is inside the body of the idler and not visible when
installed.  The parts manual is showing an "exploded" view of the assembly.
The Seal's function is to keep oil inside the idler body.  The Bush is a
foam "dust excluder". 

In your photo, what you label as the "Seal-oil, 1B6256" is actually the
bottom of the idler body.  The photo labels the Bush correctly.  As long as
the foam is doing its job of keeping dirt out and is not completely
deteriorated and falling apart, it's O.K.  

If you are going to replace the Bush, you'll have to remove the idler arm.
You might as well then take the opportunity to replace the Seal.


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One for the experts........

1)      I hope that I'm right in my belief that I've labelled the correct
same parts in the three attached pics??? I ask because they certainly don't
look the same; ie if you go from the parts book diagram to the two photos,
the rubber bush looks to be twice the size and the seal bears very little
resemblance to that in the diagram.

2)      Leaving aside that the whole area is covered in oil and filth - the
residue of a leak incurred while fixing the trafficator - I think we can
agree that the bush looks pretty well shot?

3)      Am I right in thinking that the seal and bush function to keep oil
in as well as dirt out? ie that its condition matters??

4)      On the assumption that the bush needs replacing and that I'm going
to do it ASAP, is the seal something that needs to be replaced as well or is
it reusable?

5)      Yes, I have a fair collection of manuals to which I always
refer.......But, is this one of those jobs, simple at first glance, which is
full of hidden snags? I've not seen the dreaded words "Taking special tool"
but I can't be surprised any more by the unexpected in Healey land. Is this
a job requiring big sockets and long bars or is there a hidden snag or two?



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