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Len and/or Marge Hartnett thehartnetts at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 18 20:47:07 MDT 2016

I have seen Joe Curto's name mentioned on The List when the subject of carburetors has come up.  The latest issue of AUTOWEEK Magazine (April 18, 2016) has a spread "Scene:  New York City".  Included is a short article and two photos one of which shows Joe's shop with a white Healey up on jack stands and another of Joe under the hood with his hands apparently lifting the cap and damper assembly up out of the carbs.  A quote from Joe is "Anybody in the carb business is in the antique business, whether they admit it or not".

On the next page is an article about Cooper Classic Cars.  According to the article, they service clients from all over the world, acquiring and selling vintage cars as necessary.  A red Healey is pictured in that article. 

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