[Healeys] Holes in Painted Surface

Mike phoenix722 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 12 19:21:16 MDT 2016

I agree with the use of tape.  Rather than using a punch, I like the 
idea of just using a hand-held sharp drill bit.  Sharp is the key word 
here.  Then gradually open up using bigger drill bits.  When getting 
close to the final size, I use a tapered reamer (by hand). This gives a 
good finish, and also allows close control of the diameter.


On 4/12/2016 5:21 AM, Simon Lachlan wrote:
> Well, I’ve always done this.
> 1)Put a piece of masking tape over the drilling point. Then another 
> over that. Push them down  tight so they’re making close fit.
> 2)Mark the start position through the tapes with a bradawl.
> 3)Start drilling with a hand drill and a small, sharp(!!) drill bit. 
> Sharp bit. Slow, steady pressure. Nice and straight so no skidding.
> 4)Drill a nice little pilot hole. You should be OK by hand and, I’m 
> guessing, that the metal isn’t too thick if it’s painted.
> 5)Go up a size drill bit and drill with an electric drill, nice and 
> steady does it. Keep it slow and straight so it won’t want to jump out.
> 6)Keep going up in size until you get the right size hole.
> Don’t forget what may be lurking on the other side of the painted 
> surface...it may not like being drilled!
> Simon
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> What's the best way to drill holes in a painted surface?
> Mike MacLean
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