[Healeys] Holes in Painted Surface

Simon Lachlan simon.lachlan at homecall.co.uk
Tue Apr 12 07:28:35 MDT 2016



Well, I’ve always done this.

1)      Put a piece of masking tape over the drilling point. Then another over that. Push them down  tight so they’re making close fit.

2)      Mark the start position through the tapes with a bradawl.

3)      Start drilling with a hand drill and a small, sharp(!!) drill bit. Sharp bit. Slow, steady pressure. Nice and straight so no skidding.

4)      Drill a nice little pilot hole. You should be OK by hand and, I’m guessing, that the metal isn’t too thick if it’s painted.

5)      Go up a size drill bit and drill with an electric drill, nice and steady does it. Keep it slow and straight so it won’t want to jump out.

6)      Keep going up in size until you get the right size hole.

Don’t forget what may be lurking on the other side of the painted surface...it may not like being drilled!


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