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Some drill bits are designed not to "walk", but most are not.  The punch
does not have to go all the way through the material, just make a depression
to guide the point of the bit so it stays where you want it to.  Putting
masking tape over the area wouldn't hurt, but I've never drilled holes that
way.  I don't think electrical tape would work very well because it
stretches and the drill bit may wind it up.  Maybe not, I've never tried it.




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I suspect it would depend on type of material, type of paint, condition of
both, etc. but have always assumed applying some kind of tape--electrical,
masking, etc.--over and under--if the underneath is painted, too--the area
to be drilled is about all you can do to prevent chipping.  Make sure you
use a sharp bit, and a variable speed drill so you can start slow to drill
through the paint.

Begs the question: do you use a punch to 'prime' the hole--with or without
tape--before drilling?


On 4/12/2016 12:29 AM, Michael MacLean wrote:

What's the best way to drill holes in a painted surface?

Mike MacLean



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