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Sat Apr 9 08:20:13 MDT 2016

Still hoping to get info to a reply about contributions to the list.  I have sent 2 inquiries but received nothing.  Since I prefer check need to know who to make it to and where to send it.
Keep up the great work!   This list is a huge resource.

On 04/09/16, Mark J Bradakis wrote:

A few years back Karen and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, 
our Silver Anniversary as they call it.

And coming up in just a few days on April 11th is Team.Net's Silver 
Anniversary. Yes, on April 11, 1991 the domain was registered and went 
on the air. In truth, it existed before that in the form of two mailing 
lists, british-cars and autox which were outgrowths of rec.autos Usenet 
groups. Murky history there.

But Team.Net as we know it today has been around for a quarter of a 
century. Of the 60 some lists on the server, most are inactive. I may 
take some time this summer to clean up and remove any lists that have 
not seen any posts for N months, the value of N to be determined. Some 
lists, though, are still going strong, soldiering on from the days when 
Team.Net lists and website were at the leading edge, the only game in 
town. It was estimated that at the 1997 SCCA Solo II Nationals, their 
Silver Anniversary, roughly 2/3 of the 1,000+ participants were on the 
autox list. If you check out http://autox.team.net you will find many 
pages last updated about 24.99 years ago, though, hardly leading edge 
now. One of these days ...

Who could have foreseen how a simple stream of 1s and 0s could be such a 
part of the lives of so many people, the catalyst for enduring 
friendships, a formidable source of knowledge and inspiration? How many 
cars are on the road these days instead of the scrap heap because of us 
and our efforts over decades?

Happy Birthday to us. and carry on!


ps: I am sending this out a few days early because on Monday I will be 
on the road somewhere between Phoenix and Salt Lake City. I'll look 
into the multi-hour delay in posting when I return.
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