[Healeys] Shining Silver

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Apr 9 07:40:46 MDT 2016


Thanks for all your efforts.  The lists--I'm on Healeys and 
Shop-talk--have been enormously helpful to me over the years, and the 
comradeship and, yes, the occasional 'confrontation' have added 
significant value to my life.

Things have slowed down on Healeys--Shop-talk has never been 
particularly busy--and I don't know if it's because some owners have 
passed to that great garage in the sky or moved on to other hobbies (and 
lists?) but, even though I participate in a couple of forums the Healey 
List is the place I turn for the most immediate and appropriate answers 
(and engaging 'conversations').


On 4/8/2016 1:14 PM, Mark J Bradakis wrote:
> A few years back Karen and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, 
> our Silver Anniversary as they call it.
> And coming up in just a few days on April 11th is Team.Net's Silver 
> Anniversary.  Yes, on April 11, 1991 the domain was registered and 
> went on the air.  In truth, it existed before that in the form of two 
> mailing lists, british-cars and autox which were outgrowths of 
> rec.autos Usenet groups. Murky history there.
> But Team.Net as we know it today has been around for a quarter of a 
> century. Of the 60 some lists on the server, most are inactive. I may 
> take some time this summer to clean up and remove any lists that have 
> not seen any posts for N months, the value of N to be determined.  
> Some lists, though, are still going strong, soldiering on from the 
> days when Team.Net lists and website were at the leading edge, the 
> only game in town.  It was estimated that at the 1997 SCCA Solo II 
> Nationals, their Silver Anniversary, roughly 2/3 of the 1,000+ 
> participants were on the autox list.  If you check out 
> http://autox.team.net you will find many pages last updated about 
> 24.99 years ago, though, hardly leading edge now. One of these days ...
> Who could have foreseen how a simple stream of 1s and 0s could be such 
> a part of the lives of so many people, the catalyst for enduring 
> friendships, a formidable source of knowledge and inspiration?  How 
> many cars are on the road these days instead of the scrap heap because 
> of us and our efforts over decades?
> Happy Birthday to us. and carry on!
> mjb.
> ps:  I am sending this out a few days early because on Monday I will 
> be on the road somewhere between Phoenix and Salt Lake City. I'll look 
> into the multi-hour delay in posting when I return.
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