[Healeys] Oil seeping from distributor tower

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G’day Simon

When I've had that problem with carb banjos, first I've faced either side of the banjo on fine wet & dry on a sheet of glass. I have tried annealing copper washers with a small propane torch, but it's easy to end up with a blob of copper! When all else fails, I use blue Hylomar sealant.



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3000 MkII BT7...... 

I’ve been tidying up the engine compartment recently. Tightening up bolts, replacing gaskets.......trying to cure the leaks and oozes so familiar in  these cars.

I’ve made progress, but one area is defeating me so far. It’s the banjo where the bolt holds the oil feed pipe to the distributor tower. I guess that rules out all you non-mechanical drive tacho guys???

Anyhow, I took the bolt out and found a copper washer on either side of the union. Much as I’d expected. These washers looked pretty tired so I replaced them. Made no difference. I could get another half turn once the engine had warmed up, but it still seeped. Not much but enough to annoy, once I’d spent time, thought and energy on the issue.

So, I found a pair of red fibre washers. Good fit. I warmed them up in some 3-in-1 oil and used them in place of the copper. No good either. (I may get another half turn once the engine’s been warmed up again).

All the surfaces are nice and flat and there are no cracks anywhere.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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