[Healeys] miata seats

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Wed Sep 16 12:30:22 MDT 2015

Hi Ira:
 I put Miata seats in my BJ-8, and really find them more comfortable than 
the stock seats.  See this link for pictures of the seats sitting in the 
car before mounting [I'm traveling, and do not have pictures of them as 
installed with me...]:  
 My wife is also short at 5'0", and I am hoping that the increased travel 
will allow her to drive the car without any pedal extensions, etc.  We 
haven't tried that yet...
 I have also attached an external picture, showing the seats.  One has a 
sheepskin cover on it, so no - they are not different colors.  There are 
some really nice leather re-upolstery sets out there, and I will get them 
looking better at some point, but for now they are plain black fabric.  I 
also have not yet replaced the stock speakers in the headrests, but will.
 As to mounting, I agree that the trans tunnel does limit the forward 
travel of the driver seat.  My [long] to-do list includes pulling the trans 
tunnel and narrowing it.  Since I also have the narrow Toyota trans in 
there, that will not be an issue.  I will gain some much needed leg room 
that way, anyway.  I mounted mine using fabricated mounting brackets and 
the stock Miata seat rails.  The healey seat rails come out completely, and 
when you are done, the seats can be unbolted in seconds, from inside the 
car, with no need to get under the car.  the brackets I used are at this 
link, together with instructions on modifying the Miata seat rails:  
 Please let me know if you need any more info.
   Al Fuller
al at bighealey.org

'65 A-H BJ-8
'85 Rx-7 GSL-SE


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  I'd like to hear from anyone who has put Miata seats in their big Healey. 
I'm 6'3" tall, wife is 5'4" and the stock seat tracks don't move up enough 
for her to drive the car. I have seen Miata seats in the cars and they look 
 a lot more comfortable. I realize it does not take much to be more 
comfortable :) Pedal blocks are out of he question in that I don't have 
enough leg room as it is. Has anyone adapted the OEM tracks to have more 
           Mr. Ira Erbs
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