[Healeys] 100 engine block I.D.

warthodson at aol.com warthodson at aol.com
Tue Sep 1 16:29:33 MDT 2015

I would like to verify that the block I have for my BN1 is indeed an Austin-Healey engine block & not for some other Austin application. The problem is the engine I.D. plate is missing.  This alone would not be a concern for me but there is another anomaly. The machined area on the side of the block where the distributor mounts only has a single bolt hole for the distributor mounting clamp, not the usual two holes. My BN1 is early with body #718, engine # 1B139718. 

The following data is cast into the block:
                     Westlake Patent 
                     NO 593441

5'12'9          1B1699          AF 

If this is a BN1 block, where can I get a single eared distributor mounting clamp? 

FYI, The only other BN1 block I could inspect had the following cast into the block:
1B2363          Westlake Patent
J665               NO 593441

F2646             2

Gary Hodson

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