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I run 30W non-detergent in my BN1 and that's what's been used in it for  
over sixty years now and it still works great, so why mess with a good thing!  
And yes, mine leaks, so I always have fresh oil being added and what leaks, 
 looks almost brand new. All good and I try not to over think or change 
what  works.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598
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Yes that's true for the BN2 through to BJ8 gearboxes,  but not so for the 
which does not have a dipstick. The BN1 box has a  screw-in plug on the
almost top right hand side and to test the level you  have to revert to the
old finger in the hole trick.

I recall many  years back after a particularly brisk cross country trip I
stopped to check  the gearbox oil level. On unscrewing the plug the hot oil
flowed out under  pressure clearly caused by expansion. Unlike the later 
the BN1 gearbox  is sealed.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Blue Mountains,  Australia
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