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Fortunately the Healey list has on it novices and long time owners, mechanics and folks that never turned a spanner before.  That is what keeps interest in the marque alive. And thus the problem with using the original advise at face value to just fill to the filler plug hole. Most folks filling an Austin Healey transmission/OD (not A series Sprites) fill through the dipstick hole in the top of the gearbox. Fill to the top of that hole and you will have problems. Of course the original designer in their wisdom put the dipstick Min and Max markings for our use. 



Nonsense. Expansion is no issue, you would not even notice it if you could measure the level on a dipstick. Anyway, the variety in the castings will give you more differences in volume than expansion. Filling to the level of the filler plug hole is recommended by practically every motor manufacturer of the day. This way it is certain that it is properly filled.
There is plenty of space filled with air above the filler plug hole if you are worried about expansion. Most of the time the filler plug hole is about halfway up the casting.
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