[Healeys] Gearbox oil volume

Per Schoerner per at schoerner.se
Tue May 26 04:10:48 MDT 2015

On a Healey the filler hole is located on the top of the casing. The 
hole is used for the combined filler plug/dipstick. So filling a Healey 
box till it overflows means that there is no air left in the box. That 
is clearly too much.


Oudesluys skrev den 2015-05-26 08:27:
> Nonsense. Expansion is no issue, you would not even notice it if you
> could measure the level on a dipstick. Anyway, the variety in the
> castings will give you more differences in volume than expansion.
> Filling to the level of the filler plug hole is recommended by
> practically every motor manufacturer of the day. This way it is certain
> that it is properly filled.
> There is plenty of space filled with air above the filler plug hole if
> you are worried about expansion. Most of the time the filler plug hole
> is about halfway up the casting.
> Kees Oudesluijs
> Bob Spidell schreef op 26-5-2015 om 7:21:
>> On the original volume question, I'm not comfortable with filling 'til
>> it overflows.'  I think you need some head space to allow for
>> expansion of the oil as it heats up.
>> Thoughts?
>> Bob

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