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Fred,  I too have a clip on blue tooth for the sun visor and it works quite well and the charge lasts 2 or 3 months.  It is a Jabra SP700 with a built-in speaker and can also be linked to the FM radio wirelessly in the car if needed.  It will look for a weak or no signal FM channel and announce it so you can tune to it and use the radio's volume control.  

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My son gave me and installed a clip-on to the sun visor device some years ago. It is wireless, blue-tooth with its own speaker and volume control and works about 30 days on a charge. I just have to press a button and it will connect instantly with my phone. Very convenient. Made by Nokia.   
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 Fred Wescoe schreef op 22-5-2015 om 17:51:  
A few months ago, my old style, simple, phone died and I was forced into the smart phone world.  I am surprised at the number of uses I now put the phone through.  I call, text, email, schedule, search, use maps, take and send photos etc.        
 I have reached the point where it is probably time to go with a blue tooth device.  I have never used the phone while driving (everything is a stick) but have always disliked the cord hanging around and near the center console/gear lever/right arm and so on when I am in the hands free mode and or using maps.     
 Does anyone have an opinion on the use and type of blue tooth device.  What features and manufacturer should I look into?  I am a real novice on this subject.  Even worse that the smart phone which I am still learning!  What do I need to know before I enter this part of the 21st century?     
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