[Healeys] Door latch or striker adjustment?

Tom Morrione tjmorrio at colby.edu
Sun May 17 05:12:18 MDT 2015

Hello all,
My 65  BJ8 driver door is not latching. I read the archives and am still
wondering about what to do.

I have a new latch (on door, correct?) and striker (on body, correct?).
Furflex feels like it's offering some resistance but the door closed when
it was first installed. I am wondering if the striker is first thing to
adjust and, if so, how to adjust it. Reference in an archive note was made
to shimming the striker "out" -- would that be the way to go? I assume that
means standing more proud of the shut pillar?

Just wondering if there is a best way to start this fiddling.

Thanks in advance,
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