[Healeys] Front coil springs BN4 restoration

Al Fuller al at bighealey.org
Mon May 4 07:42:17 MDT 2015

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Subject: [Healeys] Front coil springs BN4 restoration   
I am starting to reassemble my '59 BN4 after a complete nut and bolt 
tear-down, and found one of my front coils is cracked significantly.

I am also swapping in an aluminum V8 and new tranny which will lighten the 
front by almost 200 lbs.

Since I need at least one new coil, I could either buy original factory 
replacements and lower the bottom plate with longer bolts and spacers to 
get the desired height, or order custom springs based on the new lower 
front weight. My shop that is helping with the restoration has individual 
scales for each corner.

Has anyone else dealt with a lighter car and had custom coils ordered? 

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