[Healeys] Bulkhead holes

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The oil line goes thru on the far drivers side on the LHD 6 cylinder  cars. Not sure where on the RHD cars. Then on the 4 cylinder cars it goes thru the center of the firewall.

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Alan and all who responded, many thanks .... much appreciated.


The only point of clarification I would ask is whether the Oil pressure line came from a different ‘hole’ dependent upon  LHD or RHD.  


I have seen some bulkhead pictures of RHD where the line appears to come from the middle hole (as per my diagram) and then makes an ‘n’ shape running upwards to the top of the bulkhead, across, and then down.  This would take it close to hole ‘D’.    Or have I just mixed this up which some other pipe?




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I would only add:


A: linkage carbs (a grommet with a bushing for the carb linkage goes here)
B: wiring (to the wiper motor)


Also, the hole labeled “Oil Pressure Line” on your original diagram should actually be blank.


Nice exercise. I found that I have my tachometer cable coming through in the wrong place.


Alan Garrison



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Hi Andy, 

A: linkage carbs 
B: wiring 
C: cable fresh air 
D: oil pressure line LHD 

Josef Eckert


Read more: http://healey.hyperboards.com/action/view_topic/topic_id/4530#20170#ixzz3Pa435iAv




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I am trying to work out what goes through the various bulkhead holes in my '61 BT7 Tri-carb. 


The project was already dismantled (well all of the easy bits) when I bought it and as such I didn't get a chance to take pictures of  the various items fixed to the bulkhead as they were taken off. I have tried (see below) to draw out the bulkhead and make my best guess as to what goes where. 

I would really welcome some feedback re: 

- what have I missed 
- what have I got wrong 
- what goes through A, B, C & D 

.... and before any-one mentions it, yes I know I have two brake M/C holes in the RH pedal box (my plan is to install the dual circuit braking so I have added space for another brake M/C). 

many thanks, 




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