[Healeys] Bulkhead holes

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Thu Jan 22 12:36:53 MST 2015

Hi Andy, 

A: linkage carbs 
B: wiring 
C: cable fresh air 
D: oil pressure line LHD 

Josef Eckert

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	Betreff: [Healeys] Bulkhead holes 

	Datum: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 18:47:16 +0100 

	Von: "Andy" <sneddon at xsmail.com> 

	An: "'Autox.team.net'" <healeys at autox.team.net> 

	I am trying to work out what goes through the various bulkhead holes
in my '61 BT7 Tri-carb.  

	The project was already dismantled (well all of the easy bits) when I
bought it and as such I didn't get a chance to take pictures of  the
various items fixed to the bulkhead as they were taken off. I have
tried (see below) to draw out the bulkhead and make my best guess as
to what goes where. 

I would really welcome some feedback re: 

- what have I missed 
- what have I got wrong 
- what goes through A, B, C & D 


.... and before any-one mentions it, yes I know I have two brake M/C
holes in the RH pedal box (my plan is to install the dual circuit
braking so I have added space for another brake M/C). 

many thanks,  


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