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Here you go: http://www.flexibleassembly.com/Products/CDI-Product-Index/2502Ci-ii

You're in luck ... it's on sale!


On 1/14/2015 5:42 PM, rrengineer.mike wrote:
> The concensus so far of the list is to just buy th he cheapest torque wrench I can find. I have had suggestions like 
> Harbor Freight (yuck) and Craftsman.  First of all, Harbor Freight is the LAST place I would buy a precision 
> calibrated tool.  I have a Craftsman torque Wrench. The last time I used it, the ratchet mechanism in the head 
> exploded and fell out of the wrench.  I won't be going back to Sears for another one.  I was hoping for suggestions on 
> a quality wrench I could count on for precision and long life. Maybe the last torque Wrench I will have to buy.  I 
> would think you guys would want your head nuts torqued with a little more precision and consistency.  Am I assigning 
> too much importance to the torque values of a heart that is known to crack in the middle for no reason.
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