[Healeys] water pumps and other repro parts

Larry Varley varley at cosmos.net.au
Sat Feb 28 22:18:22 MST 2015

Hi Guys, it is in fact very disappointing the quality of some of the 
reproduction parts available for our cars. Whenever possible it is 
better to recondition original equipment rather than take the road that 
can seem easier by replacing. I have seen the following. New complete 
BJ8 steering box where the sector peg was fully soft steel and wore out 
in 2000 miles. Alloy petrol tanks that continually crack at the end 
seams. Plastic fuel gauge tank unit floats that crack at the clip that 
retains them. Ball joint boots that disintegrate quickly.  Cast 
aluminium 6 cylinder sumps that are porous and leak oil. Alloy 100 
cylinder heads sold as for the 100 when they were in fact Austin A70 
commercial heads with Healey valves fitted small deep combustion cambers 
and hopeless valve masking. And for goodness sake does anyone make a 
Healey exhaust mount that is properly vulcanised rubber to steel and 
doesn't fall apart? I know it is hard to make small volume production 
but in the real world the suppliers would be getting lots of warranty 
claims. My sample is just across 3 cars, so I'm sure there are more out 
there. Feel free to reply to the list with what parts have disappointed. 
While the list probably should not name and shame the suppliers, we 
should be pointing out what to be aware of when buying new reproduction 
parts. Wherever possible fix what the original manufacturer produced as 
it will have been made to a high standard, with repro, who knows.
Larry Varley

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